The first evening of “A Tavola Con…” in the company of Francesco from La Giaretta Winery

On May 9th, the first evening of “A Tavola con…” was held, an initiative of ours that wants to rediscover the pleasure of being at the table in the company of a small producer.

The choice of the name starts from the characteristic of the evening of being all at the same table, of sharing the evening talking about wine, food and passions. The size of the table and the layout allows everyone to talk and be heard, to be able to actively participate in the course of the evening, to get to know our guest producer and also a little bit of us 🙂

The first evening, as we said, ended and was a success: it was really nice to see the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences, the birth of connections, the discovery of common friends and the discovery of the dishes proposed and the combinations with excellent wine!

Now we are preparing the next one, aware that the idea was liked and it works!

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