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Last autumn we had the opportunity to host, at our restaurant in Garda, a couple of events that led us to make some reflections: during the organization of one of these, in particular, we focused on a theme that, sometimes, is a bit neglected and taken for granted: the shape of the table. We chose, for an event for 20 people, a single square table: no diner would have their back to the others and everyone would be able to freely talk to the neighboring guests, without creating small groups or dividing the guests. The result was an evening where conviviality reigned supreme, new people met and the guests felt equally involved.

From this experience we thought it would be nice to propose to our guests an event where they could introduce a small producer, bringing him to the table with them, at the same level, sharing the evening with him.

This is where “A Tavola con…” was born. A series of events during whichwe want to rediscover the conviviality of being together To meet new people, to listen to their tales and stories, to sit together with those who produce a wine that makes us excited, to share good food. This project was born from this desire: evenings to spend around the same table, evenings of conviviality, evenings of discoveries, unexpected evenings

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