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A new chapter in an old story

The history of our restaurant began in 1976, at the hands of Graziano, Maria and Michele. In all these years, many pages have been written.

Since 1988 Katiahas been working in the kitchen for several years, bringing ideas and enthusiasm, helping us to continue our adventure.

In 1998 Claudio joined, we continued to add pages, update ourselves and tell our story.

With the arrival of 2022 we are ready to add new chapters, with new scenarios, new subjects and some twists and turns: Matteo Porru is our new Chef and together with Claudio, in the dining room, they can’t wait to show our new menu and our new ideas.

A new adventure, therefore, that wants to start from what we have always been and carry it forward with a new project, renewing our proposal with new dishes, making it more seasonal and more dynamic.

We love stories and we love telling them: with a changing menu we can always welcome you with a new story, something to propose or a historical dish to dust off.

We can’t wait to welcome you and make you part of all this, sure that you will find even today what made you fall in love with us, with something more…