At the table with… Small Wines

On June 13, 2024, the third date of “A Tavola con…” and we will be in the company of Alice, from the Piccoli Winery. It will be an immense pleasure for us to be able to organize this evening, especially because we care a lot about this winery, which has followed us since the reopening of the restaurant.

“At the table with…” It represents a series of events during which we want to rediscover the conviviality of being together at the table, of meeting new people, listening to their tales and stories, of sitting together with those who produce a wine that excites us, sharing good food. This project was born from this desire: evenings to spend around the same table, evenings of conviviality, evenings of discoveries, unexpected evenings.

There will be, therefore, a unique table where we will all be at the table together, we will be able to meet people with the same interests or passions as us, we will be able to socialize with the producers, with us and spend an evening of conviviality.

During this evening/event/trip we will get to know Alice and the winery she runs together with her sister Veronica, their wines, the concepts behind them and their idea of Valpolicella! At the same time we will talk about food and dishes, in the company of our Chef Matteo! Claudio will take care of entertaining and making all our guests feel at home!

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