The third evening of “A Tavola Con…”

Yesterday was held the third evening of “A Tavola Con…” Where we had as guests the sisters Alice and Veronica di Piccoli, Valpolicella Wines!

After 3 evenings it’s time to sit back and look back. There were 3 evenings, each one different from the others, some with more participation, others with less. What was not lacking was the pleasure of sitting together at the table, meeting new people, philosophies, discussing, eating and drinking well while spending a different evening.

Today a customer who saw yesterday’s dinner asked me if it was a family dinner, because from the outside it looked like it was a big family! This made me smile because, looking back, it seemed just like that: getting together, exchanging anecdotes, people getting up and going to talk to strangers. For us it is normal to do it, it is part of our nature and also of our job, but seeing it happen in a completely natural way during an event was really beautiful, exciting!

We were happy with the appreciation of the dishes developed by Matteo and Mirko, the pairings and the hospitality of Claudio and the dining room staff!

Obviously, when you sum up, you try to understand: is it worth it? YES, it’s definitely worth it to get on with more nights! We are organizing ourselves because we had a good time and we had fun, we made our guests feel good and have fun! This is doubly important to us!

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