Monte Veronese d’Allevo PDO 24 months: a gastronomic jewel of the Slow Food Presidium

An evocative introduction:

Imagine yourself immersed in the quiet of the Lessini and Alpone Mountains, where the intense green of the mountain meadows clashes with the rocky brown of the peaks. Here, for centuries, the tradition of the Slow Food Presidium of Monte Veronese d’Allevo PDO 24 months has been handed down, a hard cheese that embodies the essence of this unspoiled land.

The history of Monte Veronese d’Allevo PDO 24 months is lost in the mists of time. The first evidence of its production dates back to Roman times, as testified by Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historia. Centuries of tradition and savoir-faire have contributed to making this cheese an internationally recognized excellence.

Artisanal production and link with the territory:

Its production, strictly artisanal, follows a strict specification that protects the quality and uniqueness of the product. The milk used comes from cows that graze freely on mountain pastures, feeding on wild and fragrant herbs. The natural diet gives the milk a rich and delicious taste, which results in a cheese with an unmistakable flavor.

Organoleptic characteristics:

After a maturation of at least 24 months in the characteristic natural cellars of the area, Monte Veronese d’Allevo PDO 24 months has a hard dark brown rind and a compact paste of an intense straw yellow. On the palate, the cheese releases a strong and spicy flavor, with aromatic notes of mountain herbs and butter. The texture is crumbly and grainy, perfect for grating or enjoying in cubes.

A versatile cheese in the kitchen:

Its characteristics make it a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, ideal for enhancing the taste of first courses, main courses and salads. Try it grated on a porcini mushroom risotto, or paired with a late Treviso radicchio and caramelized walnuts. Monte Veronese d’Allevo PDO 24 months will win you over with its aromatic complexity and unique consistency.

A Slow Food Presidium for the preservation of a heritage:

In 2009, Monte Veronese d’Allevo PDO 24 months was awarded the Slow Food Presidium label. This award enhances the artisanal production of cheese and its indissoluble bond with the mountain territory. The Slow Food Presidium is committed to protecting the biodiversity of the pastures, the quality of the milk and the ancient production techniques.

The Slow Food Presidium protects this cheese not only for its goodness, but also for its cultural and social value. The production of Monte Veronese d’Allevo PDO 24 months helps to preserve the biodiversity of mountain pastures and support local economies. By choosing this cheese, you are making an act of awareness and respect for the environment and the traditions of a precious territory.

Recommended pairings:

To best enhance its characteristics, Monte Veronese d’Allevo PDO 24 months goes well with full-bodied red wines such as Amarone della Valpolicella or Recioto della Valpolicella. For a bolder pairing, try it with a Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore.

Monte Veronese d’Allevo PDO 24 months is a cheese of excellence that represents a real gastronomic jewel. Its intense flavor and fascinating history make it a unique and unmissable product for lovers of quality cheeses.

Below are some of our recipes that use Monte Veronese d’Allevo as an ingredient.

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