We are on Osterie d’Italia 2024!

It is with great pride and satisfaction that we can announce that our Restaurant has been reviewed in Osterie d’Italia 2024, the Slow Food guide that aims to select and promote the best Osterie in Italy.

We are very pleased to see our commitment to renewing ourselves, in offering a cuisine that combines tradition with innovation and our further commitment to update, every 3 weeks, the dishes on our menu. The difficult thing is often to be able to convey everything that is behind a plate or a glass of wine, the research, the attempts, the time invested in trying new things, in researching them, in studying them until we get to propose them to our guests.

On the one hand we are proud to have reached this goal, on the other hand we take it as a warm invitation to continue, to go forward on this path and invest even more resources in the path that we offer daily to our guests, sure that they will be able to appreciate and recognize it!

We cannot fail to thank our guests, who contributed to this result and provided us with important feedback and gave us the motivation to continue on our path, to our friends who supported us and also put up with us all the times we talked about ideas, projects and intuitions. A thank you to our Families, who support us in this journey. Thanks also to all the staff who, every day, work and put preparation, commitment and determination into carrying out this magnificent project.

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