Microfiltered water? Yes, please!

In our Restaurant, since 2022, we have adopted a significant change: we have embraced the exclusive use of Microfiltered Water. Behind this choice, which we have taken after a long reflection and analysis, there are reasons that go beyond simple table service. We would like to share with you the reason for this decision and the positive results it has brought to our business over the past two years.

Water Quality

The good fortune of having an excellent quality of water in the Garda aqueduct was the starting point. After in-depth discussions with several suppliers, one thing became clear: the initial quality of the water is crucial. Microfiltration, although it improves the characteristics of the water, requires a high-quality starting base. For some time now, already in our home, we have become accustomed to the consumption of Microfiltered Water, making it natural to introduce this practice in our Restaurant. Periodic analyses published by the AGS confirm its quality and safety. Here you can find the specific ones of Garda.

Sustainability at the Heart

The issue of sustainability is one of our core values. We found it unreasonable and unsustainable to purchase water transported over long distances in trucks and vans. Avoiding the transport and storage of thousands of bottles of water per year (over 5000) has been our small contribution to sustainability. This choice is also part of the Guidelines of the Slowfood Chefs’ Association, to which we adhere.

Elegance and Safety

Not only quality and sustainability guided our decision, but the aesthetic aspect also played a role.
The possibility of choosing a personalized bottle allowed us to bring a touch of elegance to the table.
The new bottles, in addition to being elegant, are regularly washed and sanitized at high temperature, a guarantee of safety for our customers.

Optimization and Satisfaction

The switch to Microfiltered Water has also brought significant logistical advantages. By freeing up space in warehouses and simplifying the work of the room staff, we have optimized daily operations. We no longer have to worry about cooling large amounts of water during the summer and can focus on other aspects of our work.

A positive balance

After two years, we can say with satisfaction that our choice has proved to be a success. In addition to the happiness of having made a sustainable decision, we have received extremely positive feedback from our customers, both regarding the quality of the water and our choice. We will continue to actively promote this choice, inviting those who wish to learn more about this topic to join us in this mission for a more sustainable world.

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