Bettelmatt PAT cheese

Today we would like to talk to you about one of the cheeses that we have decided to include in our selection: Bettelmatt PAT.

It is an alpine cheese made from raw and whole cow’s milk whose cheese-making takes place after each milking and directly in the mountain pasture. The cheese has a semi-cooked and pressed paste, has a straw yellow color and a sweet and delicate flavor.

With a minimum maturation of 60 days, a production of about 5000 wheels and a production limited to nine mountain pastures above 2000 meters (Alpe Bettelmatt, Alpe Kastel, Alpe Morasco, Alpe Toggia, Alpe Regina, Alpe Vannino, Alpe Forno, Alpe Pojala and Alpe Sangiatto).

The name Bettelmatt (which is also the name of the Alpe Originaria of production) derives from battel which means alms, to indicate wheels of cheese given to charity, and matt, which in German means pasture: pasture of alms.

PS: PAT stands for Traditional Italian Agri-Food Products

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