The pleasure of eating under our pergola

Eating outdoors is always a pleasant experience, but eating under a pergola is an even more special experience: the arbour, with its structure, its exposed branches and its leaves capable of creating magnificent colors and plays of light, creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, which leads people to enjoy food and company under its shade.

The mildest temperature

One of the main advantages of eating under a pergola is the milder temperature: it protects from direct sun and wind, creating a cooler and more comfortable environment. This is particularly appreciated on summer days, when temperatures can be very high, maintaining good air circulation by avoiding the accumulation of humidity and excessive temperature.

Contact with nature

The pergola also offers direct contact with nature. The climbing vines that compose it create a verdant and fresh atmosphere, which stimulates the senses and helps to relax. The sound of the wind in the leaves and the singing of birds help to create a serene and pleasant atmosphere. All this is combined with our location, in the open countryside, away from traffic and chaos, which allows you to switch off and enjoy the pleasure of the view of the hills.

Outdoors and in the cool

Eating outdoors is a way to experience nature and feel closer to it. The pergola offers the opportunity to enjoy food outdoors, but sheltered from the sun and wind. It’s an experience that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: the freshness of the outdoors and the comfort of a protective structure.


Eating under a pergola is an experience that gives pleasure and well-being. It is an opportunity to enjoy food in a welcoming and relaxing environment, in contact with nature. It is a way to feel at peace and regenerate, disconnecting from the daily routine.

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