Chef Matteo wins the VI Edition of RicibiAMO

Our Chef Matteo Porru wins the 5th Edition of the RicibiAMO Contest, dedicated to sustainable cuisine, in the Professional Chefs category.

Matteo chose to bring a recipe that he had studied and made for the staff of our restaurant, starting from recycled ingredients.

The name of the recipe is “Rice, Artichoke and Pumpkin Zero”

5 reasons why it’s sustainable
“This recipe was born from a recovery of an artichoke risotto (which had to be finished with marinated trout), this “leftover” of rice in the pot became the lunch skip rice for the staff.”

For this recipe we only added pumpkin in all its parts. The reasons why we consider it sustainable are:
1° because it comes from a “recovery” of another recipe
2° because we have used 100% of our raw materials (from the local zero km market)
3° we have not used meat or fish which have a high environmental impact
4° it is also sustainable during the service of the restaurant being practical
5° has a low food cost.

The photos of the recipe and the contest in the gallery:

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